Hello my name is Chris Kreid and I am a Soft Tissue Specialist. I am a licensed massage therapist in the State of Idaho. it is my goal to continue to update my practice with new information in regards to pain science and anatomy. Pain science may challenge what you think of what massage therapy. You may contact me and ask questions, or even state your opinions on massage therapy. I am looking forward to talking about anything related to massage and pain.


The mission of Owaste Massage Therapy is to provide massage to the general public and those who are seeking pain management. Offering discounts to veterans, military, policemen, and firefighters. Owaste Massage therapy seeks to create change and provide high quality touch massage therapy to whose who seek reform and pain relief.

You are welcome to use the tabs to navigate the website. If you have any questions you can call me or email me.

*Event* 6/7/18

Come join me as I celebrate my 1st year of business. Come join us for cookies, cupcakes, light refreshments, and drinks. 

*Special Offer

$40 1-hour massage in celebration of my 1st year. offer is limited to Fridays and Saturdays. offer ends 6/16/18.


Partnership with Hands for Heroes http://www.handsforheroes.net/

*free massages for veterans limit of 4 per month*

Please call for details and appointments. Be sure to mention you are a veteran.


No insurance.

Cash, Card, or check only.

Thank You.